Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend: 1 Me: 0

I'm currently sitting in front of my laptop wondering how the F
it could possibly be 7:30pm and I can't quite get ahead today.
Allow me to confess that the wknd sure didn't help my cause...

Sooo happy this brilliant bestie came to visit
while her hubby was at the Combine, but I think
we'd both agree we may have over did it :( 

Dinner upon her arrival Friday night with some of the funniest women I know to exist, was most definitely a highlight. Yet so was shopping and feasting at Toast, catching a little Black Swan action in the afternoon to recover, and then onto loads of laughs and polka dancing at the one and only Chicago Brauhaus
where there might have been some of this,
this, this, 

 and this as well --

but I need to stay employed for as long as humanly possible,
so enough about that.

Sunday we got to see two of the most beautiful babies in the Windy City (hooray for Livie & Wade!) and to catch up at
The Breakfast Club with their equally beautiful mamas :)

Then just when I thought I'd fully re-hydrated, 
Natalie Portman made me burst out the water works.

Man almighty, I JUST LOVE THE OSCARS!!!

 Dear Weekend, 
Fair well and thank you :)

Dear Detox, 
Hello. I'm back. And thank you even more!

Friday, February 25, 2011

When Will I Learn?!?

Why is it never enough to just attend the work dinner and then go home? Why do I always find myself saying "YES!" to join the group for "one" drink after, then suggesting another bar even after that? 
This is why I need to get a puppy and stop acting like one!!

Although I'm fully aware I'm way to old to have
been at SUB51 on a Thursday night, 
it was kinda awesome to see Brian Urlacher
and his brother hangin' out...
I just wanted to give him a giant bear hug, 
but thankfully refrained.

PS BTW: I'm also fully aware that I'm a huge geek for taking this picture. But, GO BEARS!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Music To My Earlobes :)

Not gonna lie, I kinda love it when my besties' hubbies are outta town. Because let me tell ya, if this had been an actual date,
I think there'd be a March wedding ;) 

First stop, 

Regan & I split the Deviled Eggs and Parm Fries to start,
onto a #1 (Aged Cheddar, Smoked Bacon, Charred
Red Onions, Rufus Teague’s BBQ Sauce) 
and a #9 (Patty Melt - Smoked Bacon, Burnt Onions, 
Leroy’s Remoulade, Smoked Swiss, Griddled Rye) 
with Wasabi Cole Slaw to top it off...
Seriously, DELICIOUS!

And since the "thunder-snow" decided to strike again, 
we stopped into Matilda for a quick beer 
before heading over to The Vic
to seeee....

{insert dreamy deep sigh here}


All in all,
 the company was entirely ideal :)
The band sounded GREAT,
the venue was totally electric,
and the man himself is sheer eye candy...

Guess it goes without saying that
if I could repeat last night, 
I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mother Daughter Book Club

One thing I missed being in New York, 
was Mother/Daughter Book Club. 

So I was more than happy to host 
for this month's selection of:

Traditionally, whoever has the meeting
makes a dinner to go along with the book,
and since this one was set in lower Mississippi
I went with a Southern theme...

And when I say "went with",
I mean that I called up Stanley's
and ordered some serious yum :)

Cornbread, biscuits, Southern fried chicken salad, veggie salad

Mashed potatoes, mac&cheese, corn, cheese grits, cole slaw

Chicken fried chicken with gravy and plain old fried chicken...

Repeat: YUMMM!

I'd forgotten though that these dinners always start on task -- some people like the book, some people loathe it -- and the conversation spirals from there. Problem being with this bunch, the "on task" part usually lasts about 5 minutes, before the A.D.D kicks in and our mom's begin asking questions such as,
"What is flip cup?" and "How do we learn?"

So we taught the martians a few tricks...
and now they're ready for college again ;)

My favorite part though, was when the yoga ball in my corner was discovered (along with all the other bullshit contraptions I bought at TJ Max in feeble hopes to get in shape for Spring) 
and everyone gave 'em a go...

It was a small group last night; more than half couldn't make it. 
But after the mom's left, I sat around with the "daughters" and we agreed that, although we can all be hard on our moms at times,
I can only hope I still have this much fun with my friends
"when I grow up" :)


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

The fresh white snow sure is pretty and all, 
but I'm officially over it...

February is not my best color :(

Ready when you are, Spring!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Thanks, Casey!

I haven't ventured far from the couch today -- trying to finish Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter for Book Club, and this dreary rain isn't exactly motivation to do much :(
So when I got up to check email, 
this unexpected note truly made my day :)

I often forget to pay it forward and tell people how much I enjoy reading their scribbles, especially those I do not know personally.
It only takes a moment of time and I absolutely need to make a habit of it -- this was a great reminder why.

Thank you, Casey!
  I really appreciate it

One SUPER Saturday :)

Yesterday was one of those spontaneousness days
where I woke up with no set plans,
and enjoyed every minute of what happened next.

When I called Stephen & Kendra, they happened to be around the corner picking up Justin - so she asked if I wanted to go to the Butler b-ball game at UIC, and off we went! 

First stop, Taylor Street to hit up Conte di Savoia  
only to be introduced to the best prosciutto sammy 
my taste buds have ever met :) 

And although my crush went Pro early,
it was still fun to see the Bulldogs win --
but not gonna lie,
I more so enjoyed the half-time show...
This chick literally kicked 20 bowls up in the air and then
caught them on her head WHILE RIDING A UNI-CYCLE!! 
I want to hire her for my 30th birthday. 

We had a couple beers after and when the boys wanted to go nap, Kendra & I walked over to the Lincoln Park Zoo 
to enjoy what was left of the sunny-sun-sun :)

Kinda wild knowing I live a mere 6 blocks from this small "cat"

Then we drove up to the burbs to visit our Aunt, Uncle and cousins in Libertyville -- got to say hello to baby James
before he went to bed,
and got to say a quick "Happy 40th Birthday" to Mike!

On the drive home my brother asked 
how I'm liking being back...
Believe me when I said,
"No complaints" :)

Happy Birthday, B.O.B!

Was sooo nice to meet baby Beulah this weekend
and to celebrate Bob's 30th birthday!
Bob & Rahm Emanuel... A-yo!

Could she be any cuter with that full head of hair??

Don't know how Walter feels about her yet...
but I loved being able to spend time with Bob & Erin
cracking up over Apples to Apples and 
meeting the beautiful new member of their family :)


Friday, February 18, 2011

Do You See What I See?!


Pizza, Pizza, Pizza!

It's only fitting that within my first three weeks back in Chicago, 
I've eaten more pizza than in the three years I lived in New York. 

Here are my absolute faves: 

Pizza & Pop
If you're looking for a killer lunch in the South Loop,
definitely hit up Beggars 
Their sausage is heaven
(that's what she said ;)

 Pizza & Beer
For dinner in River North or Lincoln Park, 
my vote goes to Lou Mal's. Hands down
I often dream about the crust on this 'za.  Beyond delish!

 Pizza & Wine
If you're up for a nicer night out, 
La Madia is scrumptious. 
The pizza fondue & pancetta salad are my favorite starters
and don't miss the Prosciutto di Parma margarita pizza. 

Happy eating :)