Friday, October 31, 2008


A giant THANK YOU goes out to Chloe Laughton ...
Who woulda thunk it would take a friend from London
to suggest I should dress as a gnome :)

Did Someone Order Jell-O Shots?!?! ;)

I couldn't help myself ...

I mean, what's a Halloween party without Orange Jell-O (shots)?!

Confession: I'd forgotten how you make them :(

But before I could even google that shit,
Alyssa had a batch rockin-n-rollin ...

Apparently, she had not forgotten how :)

Even though it's not until Saturday, we decided to set up for the party tonight because we are old and organized now ;)

- Flip cups ... check!
- Beer pong balls ... check!
- Apples to bob for ... check!
- A super spooky iPod playlist ... check!
- Captain Morgan & Apple Cider ... check!
- Costumes ... check!
Michigan Flag ... check!

I wish everyday were Halloweenie :)

Dear College, I Miss You :(

Like many (
22 year olds),
I miss college on a regular basis.

It's just that, we got along so well, College and me.

I was so good at it ;)

Ya know ...
Spending (my parents) hard earned money
Sleeping in until Noon (daily)
Sleeping (some more)
Drinking (some more)
Studying (some times)
Writing papers
Eating Funions

The list goes on ...

(insert nostalgic sigh here)

I think I'm gonna drunk dial College this weekend
and tell him how much I loved him while it lasted ;)


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thank You, Google Analytics ;)

Because of you,
I now know that someone found my blog today by googling:
zoo york, broken windows, hoodie, ghetto"

Hmmmm ...
Should I be proud of this?!?!

Sorry not to blog more tonight but between:

- Another Dodgeball loss :(
- Barack's AH.MAZE.ING 30 minute special
- And catching up on two weeks of Grey's Anatomy (holy wow, I haven't cried that hard since Sarah Palin was nominated)

I'm totally wiped ... time for bed

I'll be more fun tomorrow ;)

Nighty night!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Loooook Who Baked!!

Tonight we carved our Umpkins :)

Aaaaand then,
for the first time ever
I turned on our oven ...
and USED IT!

(Insert roaring applause here)

See picture proof:

Since we don't own a baking pan or an oven mit,
I simply made do

Baby steps, people ...
Baby steps ;)

An Excerpt of Tonight's Phone Convo w/ my Mom

Have you met anyone lately? Dating? Any love interests?
Me: Nada nada limonada.
Sue: What does that mean?
Me: No
Sue: How about at work, any nice single boys? There were so many when you were in Advertising!
Me: Advertising is an anomaly ...
Sue: What about your Kickball team? Any nice single boys?
Me: It's Dodgeball, Mom ... and no, I'm not into dating anyone on my team. It's just for fun.
Sue: Well, maybe on Halloween you'll meet someone new at your party!
Me: Yaa, no ... I highly doubt I'll be getting any dressed as a garden gnome.
Sue: Getting any what? I couldn't hear you. Tell me again.
Me: Nothing. Won't be getting aaaany ... candy. Only mulch, leaves, and lucky charms for us gnomies.
Sue: You're such a smart-alec! How did I raise three smart alecs?!? Oh, I meant to ask again -- which family photo do you think we should use for the Christmas card?
Me: MOM, it's only October!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Tompkins Sq Park Dog Halloween Parade :)

Over the weekend I attended the
18th Annual Tompkins Square Park Dog Halloween Parade!

Although I loved each and every pup,
here are my top 10 favs
(in no particular order)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Extreme Spooktacular Home Makeover :)

For the first time since February
Repeat: FEBRUARY...Eeeek!)
I did not have one of the following on my calendar this wknd:
  • Engagement Party
  • Bachlorette Party
  • Wedding Shower
  • Wedding Tea
  • Wedding (in general)
  • Baby Shower
  • Birthday party
  • Fundraiser
  • Sporting event
  • Family function somewhere in the Midwest
  • Work function somewhere on the West Coast
(Insert deep breath here)

By no means am I complaining about any of the above,
it's just that for the first time, in a long time,

I was free like bird! :)

Soooo ...
Since I'm the world's largest dork,
and we're one week from a holiday named after me ;)
I prepared a "little" for our upcoming Hall-o-weenie bash

Ty Pennington,
looooook out!!

All this,
on one very spooktacular budget of ...
$50 :)

Garbage bags: 20 for $5
Spiderwebs: 5 for $5
Pumpkin Baskets: 6 for $6
Candles: 6 for $10
Construction Paper: $4
Real Umpkins: 5 for $20
(Gotta love the Tompkins Square Park Farmer's Market)


A Fun Way to Spend 5 Minutes

Check out this link

Then pick the pix that appeal to you in each collage ...

At the end it will give you your "Visual DNA" :)


Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Friday!

I was in the mood for a movie last night.

Problem being: we own the
smallest plasma on the planet :(

So, after I'd already put on my jammers,
I decided to walk up the street in my slippers to catch

I was bummed to not be the only one in the theater,
but got over that very quickly because
Happy-Go-Lucky is the kinda movie everyone should see :)

If it's showing at a cinema near you,
I would highly recommend it!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Chicken or the Egg?!?

With the election rapidly approaching,

I've been thinking more than usual.

The latest inquisition being ...
Chicken or the Egg?!?

Thoughts on Dodgeball

Does my Dodgeball team lose because we drink too much?
OR, do we drink too much because we lose?!

Thoughts on Baking

Do I use my oven as a "rarely used/fancy" shoe rack
because I don't bake?

OR, do I not bake because I use my oven
as a rarely used/fancy shoe rack?!

Thoughts on Googly Eyes

For real,
is it a matter of me finding them?

OR, do they find me?! ;)

I Couldn't Make This Up If I Tried!

Mad props to Pete Zoob
for taking this fab photo for me :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Thoughts on Central Park

When my friend Jessica told me she was coming to town,
I was psyched!

But no matter what city you live it in,
there's the inevitable pressure to plan something
cool to do
when someone comes to visit.

Thoughts of Broadway shows, Ellis Island tours, Times Square extravaganzas ... loads of plans flying through my head.

However, Jess happened to be coming for one night,
on a Monday night.


Considering I tend to do a crazy combination of jack and shit on Monday nights, I was perplexed for a game plan ;)

So I decided not to make one!

And I'm so glad I didn't,
because even though it wasn't the "coolest" thing to do,
we had a great time conquering
Central Park :)

Definitely don't miss the Turtle Pond, the Castle and the Met.

I highly approve of these activities ...
And my mom highly approves as well
since "they are both non-alcoholic
AND free!"
... a rare concept here in NYC ;)

Monday, October 20, 2008

One Very Happy Valley

… that is, if you went to Penn State University ;)

Allow me to babble for one sec of my love for the Big 10
(with the exception of Ohio State)

Although a Michigan alum, I have a not-so-secret crush on both UW Madison as well as Northwestern (... had I gotten into either one, it would have been a serious toss-up)

Call me a trader if you please, but my affair now extends to include a soft-spot for PSU.

The only thing I did not appreciate about my wknd in Happy Valley (aside from the fact that we got absolutely SPANKED),
was this t-shirt:

How ruuuuuuuude!

Rationale for My Game Day Attire

We 've covered this before,
but I will say it again …

My attire for these awesome events never changes …it consists of my fav pair of converse, jeans, a hooded sweatshirt, mittens, and a baseball hat.

However, this tailgate experience was a first for me …

Ya see, if you happen to watch college football, then you know it’s a (very unfortunate) FACT that Michigan sucks ass this season :(

And for those who have ever attended a college football game, it is also a fact that when you see a fan sporting the opposing team’s logo, you immediately dislike and judge them.

So since I was the guest of one of my PSU besties, I attended this tailgate sporting the apparel of both teams …

Allow me to explain my rationale:
  • Flip cup is a true passion of mine. And not to toot-my-own-horn, but I’ve become fairly good at it (now that I’ve had a decade of practice). Had I worn all Michigan gear to an all Penn State tailgate, I was genuinely petrified that I would face one of the following shit-scenarios:
  1. I would not be asked to play on a team
  2. I would be asked, but then placed on the “other team” (Note: this is almost worse than Option A … for real, I would rather eat chalk then be on a bad flip cup team … no joke!)
  3. I would be asked, but then every time something went wrong, I would be taunted with a sarcastic one-liner like, “Ann Arbor is a whore!” (I can handle harassment, but when peeps knock my pride land, shit gets personal ;)
  • FACT: Penn State has not beat Michigan in the last 12 years
  • FACT: Penn State is undefeated and a promising contender for the National Championship
  • FACT: Michigan sucks ass this season (shoot, did I already say that?!?!)
Given all the above, this game held way more meaning for PSU than for the Big Blue.

Therefore, I did not feel so badly wearing Tyndie’s STATE hoodie, and opted to support the Big 10 (Repeat: sans Ohio State)

Now that that’s out of the way ...

Here’s my Top 10 from Happy Valley

10. All of the "Lean Cuisine" consumed ;)

9. The Tailgate Scene …!

8. Bags

7. Winning Flip Cup :)

6. Chillin’ in someone’s RV drinking the Franz

5. Having a heart-to-heart with Mt. Rushmore

4. That euphoric feeling when you find your seats and your butt hits the freezing cold bleecher

3. Deciding your seats aren’t all that great --> Scoring a spot in the End Zone

2. Men in tights :)

1. Befriending “Joe Pa” and a few of the players ;)