Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Rock of Ages

Over the course of three days in NYC, we covered nine different neighborhoods on foot, caught up with almost two dozen friends, ate eight totally scrumptious meals, and got to see not one, but TWO Broadway productions! 

Max is rapidly catching on to the fact that little moss grows under this rolling stone...but he hasn't run away just yet (likely because he's too exhausted to try). So I've got that goin' for me, which is nice ;)

Alyssa's bestie (and in turn, my buddy) Genson Blimline is the star and narrator of Rock of Ages and I cannot say enough great things about this epic musical!

Genson plays the lead of Lonny and has you singing along and laughing for two hours straight. Cocktail waitresses roam the aisles serving canned beer and Jell-O shots which pretty much makes the entire experience a dream come true for any child of the 80's who's ready to relive the best hits of their life. 

This show literally ROCKS!

Cheers to following your dreams, Genson :)
 You are such an inspiration!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Donnybrook Reunion

When I introduced Max to my friend Dyramuid, the owner of Donnybrook, it felt like two incredible chapters of my life were coming together, and a huge smile came across my face :)

Dyramuid explained how I "came with the lease" given I lived at the same corner of the bar and was the first customer to walk in the door. I was so excited for Donnybrook to open after months of watching it be constructed so I brought a bottle of champagne to congratulate them... Dyramuid replied, "Ya don't bring sand to the beach young lady!" A line that still makes me laugh to this day.

While I lived in New York, Donnybrook was so much more than a corner bar for me. It was my modern day "Cheers". A trusted home-away-from-home in a city where change is the only constant. So needless to say, it was incredibly special, 4 years later, to walk back in the doors only to be greeted with a giant hug from Frances, the bartender, who said, "My God it's good to see your face! Isn't life just magical?" 

It sure is :)



Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Real Thing

Max got tix to see The Real Thing on Broadway
and I gladly packed my bags to get back to the 
Big Apple for a long weekend :)

After the performance (which was spectacular!) I asked Maggie Gyllenhaal if I could take a picture with her she said, "No pix. No time." 

But I simply turned my frown upside down...

Ewan McGregor is my new hero as he finished signing autographs and casually rode away on a ten-speed bicycle. No big deal.

Certainly one of my most memorable nights in Manhattan :)


Monday, October 6, 2014

Congratulations, Tyler & Paul!

To the new Mr & Mrs. Simon,
There's no greater blessing than to see two people you love, find love in one another. Cheers to a lifetime of a million more laughs and wonderful memories together :) Thank you for a FANTASTICALLY fun and super special evening. What an honor to be there to celebrate!