Friday, February 8, 2013

Instant Happiness

Every now and then I'll be in a meeting
and a text will come through on my phone
with a dose of instant happiness :) 

Case in point: 

And today was like a double-wammy
when these little gems came through as well: 
 Oliver Conroy -- my little gnomie :)


Monday, February 4, 2013

Happy Birthday, Blog!

1,825 days
1,338 posts
and 87,636 (very kind) visitors later;
today you are

Thank you for reminding me on a daily basis 
to embrace, record, and remember to share 
all of the awesomeness that life has to offer :)
Happy birthday, Mr. Z Do Da

Cheers to another great year in the blogosphere!


My Favorite Things -- February Edition

Nick Howard's new CD... duh!

The $4.99 gloves from Walgreens that work with your phone.
Why did I not invent you?!

My portable plant(er) necklace!

Philosophy products (in general) 
but namely, Grace

 Every.single. bath bomb option at LUSH

Coastal Living magazine (per always)

Cozy knit leg warmers

 Milk and cookies for dessert at G.E.B

Sunday, February 3, 2013


Baby Shower Gifts for my Niece

Spring can't come soon enough!

Congratulations, Michelle & Jim :)

It truly doesn't seem possible that we met over twenty years ago! Wasn't it literally like yesterday that we were doing Chinese fire drills in route to our grade-school traveling soccer games?!? 

Throughout the years, one thing has never changed, 
and that is how hard I laugh every time 
have the fortune to spend time with you :)

Thank you for the honor to be invited to celebrate your big day. Jim is a truly lucky man. Cheers to all the great memories ahead!


PS: Remember that time Kate skinned both 
of her knees to catch your bouquet?! 

Friday, February 1, 2013

Sandbox Chicago Chili Cook-Off

Sheer awesomeness 

Was BEYOND cool of City Winery to send over their Executive Sous Chef (Kevin Coulter) to be our official judge :)