Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Aka: "Heaven on Earth"

Once I fully convince myself that that vacation was actually real, 
I'll be sure to write LOTS about this adventure of a lifetime :) 

USVI / BVI / "Heaven"

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Happy Memorial Day Weekend

It feels so nice to play catch-up today while waiting at the airport to get outta dodge for the long weekend.  In doing so, I wanted to be sure to take a minute to remember and honor the real reason none of us have to report to work on Monday. 

To all those who have served before, 
to those who are away from their families doing so right now, 
and to those who will do so ahead, 

Das Boot

Prost has re-opened
which means two things: 

2) Well, that's all that really matters!!

Let the good times roll

Chicago Kite Festival

Thanks to the invite from Megan & Olivia
I enjoyed every milli-second of the 
Chicago Kite Fest on Saturday!

The weather was spectacular...

The kites were beeeauuutiful...

but the great company 
was by far the best part of the day :)

Sandbox Cubbies Outing :)

"Men at Work"

Reason #218,947 why I laugh a lot at the office

2nd Fridays Gallery Night

If you ever have a chance this Summer to check-out 2nd Fridays in Pilsen, I wholeheartedly recommend visiting the galleries. Here are some pix from the super talented artists at LaCuna Loft...

"Hello from Machu Picchu"

Stephen & Kendra went to Peru to celebrate their one year wedding anniversary, and so my parents and I thought we'd live vicariously through their trip ;)

While eating at a Peruvian steak house over the weekend, my dad spotted this mural at the restaurant and immediately asked the waiter to take our photo. 

The conversation went as such: 

My Dad:
"Impy! Let's take a picture in front on the Machu Picchu painting and send it to SJ & Kendra!"


"Here, hold the menu so they know we're at a restaurant"

"I'm fairly certain they will pick-up on the fact that we're not actually in Peru..."

"How do I use my iPhone to take the picture?"

"Impy come on, hold a menu up!" 

"Say 'Queso'!" 


"Gracias! Now how do I send this from my iPhone? I can never see because the buttons are so small..."

Incredibly Fortunate

Can't believe it's been TEN YEARS since I
applied for a Visa to study abroad in Florence.  
{insert longing sigh here}

While filing the paperwork to renew my passport, 
it physically took my breath away to go through 
each and every stamp... 28 in total.

Not a day goes by when I don't stop to think about 
how each and every trip, travel companion, country, 
culture, and adventure has shaped my everything

beyond thankful = me


Friday, May 11, 2012

2012 ITA CityLIGHTS Awards

Although our companies were not up for an Oscar
it was super inspiring to be in the presence of so many 
smart entrepreneurs of-every-level at the
last night. 

Congratulations to 

I know it's probably not nice to focus on just three of the many, but those are my personal faves for this year ;)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Let's Bev

And then...
We created a real company :)

Be sure to stay tuned for the launch of 
Coming to Chicagoans July 2012


Monday, May 7, 2012


Today my team worked out of Sandbox's section of 1871

If you haven't read about this incredible initiative, 
be sure to check it out!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Congrats, Annie & Kevin!

CHEEEEERS to a couple who's love and friendship I admire with all my heart.    

To the new Mr & Mrs Laferriere, 
I can't even begin to express how happy I am for you and how fortunate I feel to have been part of your bid day in Boston. 
Thank you for EVERYTHING!
My cheeks hurt from smiling :)
Adore you both,
Annie & Kevin's Wonderful Wedding

Midwestern Gem

This past week I was in Minnesota for work stuffs 
and not gonna lie, 
I totally fell for Minneapolis... 
Who knew?!? 

Sandbox Bowling

The Friendly Confines

The nice fan sitting behind Regs & I snapped this photo while we were apparently having a beary serious convo about da Cubbies ;)

Reason #3,745,916 why I love Chicago 

Congratulations, Jeff & Candace!

So thrilled for the two of you :)

Thank you to both the Rich & Garcia families for an absolutely spectacular wedding weekend. Can we do it all over again?!?


Penguin Party

I would have had a wonderful time at Jeff & Candace's rehearsal dinner regardless of the venue, but hanging out at the Tampa Aquarium with PENGUINS on parade?!?! I mean, come on now... BLISS :)