Tuesday, June 19, 2012

When I started this blog, 
it never seemed difficult to find the time to post 
every single week, without fail. 

Now a days...
not so much :S

Note to self
Don't forget to share about:

- Mother Daughter Book Club
(and a "highly intellectual" conversation about poop)

- Sandbox Summer Camp
(and giving a company wide presentation entitled,
"How to be a GREAT party guest!")

- Movie in the park night
(and how a kiddie pool can double as a cooler)

- Father's Day with the whole extended fam

- Our Chicago Sport & Social summer soccer league
(and why you should never take 12 years off a sport)

- My "mudroom makeover"

- Thoughts on digital cameras
(and why I can't seem to hold a relationship with one)

- Preparing the Let's Bev online store
(be sure to check it out in late July)

- Fiiiiiiiive new beautiful babies born this month!
Welcome to the world...
Sienna, Maeve, Brody, Hudson & Evie :)

- T minus FOUR days until Italy
(whhaaaaaaat?!!? omgomgomgomg)

Once upon a time, 
I used to sleep...

Thursday, June 7, 2012

I haven't stopped thinking about this quote 
since seeing it last night...

Could. Abe. be. any. cooler?!?


"Wine & Words" Wednesday

I know it's officially summer
and therefore I should be at a ballgame, 
or on a fun roof deck, or doing something social
(and/or actually putting in the effort to date a dude...
but that's a topic for a whole separate blog ;)

It's just that when I get home from work,
and it's mid-week, and I'm totally wiped, 
there is absolutely nothing better than 
curling up on the couch, 
wrapping up in a snuggle blanket 
and getting lost a great book :) 

Admittedly after a while 
the combination of words and wine 
are like a straight dose of ambien,
but that's half the appeal...

I mean, let's be serious, 
what girl doesn't want to fall asleep 
dreaming that she's Katniss Everdeen 
and has the choice between two total hotties?!?

No brainer ;)



Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Family Reunion

This weekend marked our 20th (consecutive) 
annual family reunion on my mom's side :)

Although we're all growing/grown up, 
it's a tradition I hope never fades away.