Friday, August 10, 2012


I can't even begin to handle this cuteness

"Opposites can attract and Anzac a doe-eyed baby kangaroo has become best friends with Peggy, a tiny squint-eyed wombat. 
Their unlikely union developed after the pair - both orphans - shared a pouch at the Wildlife Kilmore Rescue Centre 
in Victoria, Australia."

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Reminder to Self:

Things to Write Blog Posts About

- The Geoffrey Baer walking tour

- The "house" I want to buy

- The puppy I want to adopt

- The fact that I am 30 years old 
and asked my mom to sleepover 
at my apartment last Wednesday... 
I admittedly live a whomping 12 miles 
from home but just really needed a night
to hang with with my M.O.M :)

Blog Break!

Oi oi oi
I can't keep up with it all...

Traveling for meetings every week in August
(helllooooo again MN, Denver, Wisconsin & NYC!)

Blessed with work being on the up-and-up
(check out Lab42's latest infographic!)

Gleeefully happy to be filling Let's Bev orders in the eves
(thank you SO much to all our new FB fans and customers!)
Wedding season is back in full swing with
bridal showers, bachelorette's, and baby showers to boot
(counting down the days to Martha's Vinyard!)

Hence therefore, 
Zippidy Do Da has fallen by the wayside :S

Lots of pix and posts to follow soonish...