Thursday, February 26, 2015

Cold Beer. Warm Hearts.

In honor of  National Polar Bear Day tomorrow (February 27th), several of the animal keeping staff at Lincoln Park Zoo* reached out to the Half Acre Brewing Co. to host a "Polar Beer" fundraiser to raise money for Polar Bear International and Trees for You and Me

What a great success!

Not gonna lie, stirring up the motivation to go out on a Wednesday night during (yet another) mini-blizzard was not enticing, but the turnout was fantastic given the fabulous cause it was for :)


 Even if it is organizing a fundraiser, I challenge you this week to take action to become an Arctic Ambassador and reduce your carbon footprint. Here are 10 easy ways how

Turn off lights when you leave a room

Unplug any gadgets you’re not using

Turn off your power cord when you leave work on Fridays so it’s not running through the weekend

Take public transit or carpool when you can. Even better, use your own two feet and walk or ride a bike!

Use a reusable plastic container for water

Plant plants!

Use both sides of your paper when printing. Better yet, go digital when you can!

Adjust your thermostat and lower your heat in the winter. Even just two degrees can make a big difference. Even if it’s just while you’re at work during the day. You’re not using it then anyways!
Thanks in advance for being awesome :)

*Please note, this was not actually a Lincoln Park Zoo sponsored event. Just a whole bunch of neat people getting together to inspire change in the world. Ya see, it's that easy. YOU CAN DO IT!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Polar Plunge 2015... Let's Do This!

Welp, at least there's one positive to these bullshit negative temps... We're about to raise a whole bunch of money to benefit Special Olympics Chicago/Special Children's Charities

Please support our crazy team as we take the plunge into Lake Michigan on Sunday, March 1st dressed as emoticon

Arrrrrrrrrrr you ready?! 

Vince Vaughn will be walking the plank as well and freezin' for a reason right along with us! YAHOOOO

Please consider making a donation of $5 or $10. 

It will be as if you're buying me a beer (or a beer and a shot if you're generous) to warm up afterwards ;) Except the money will go straight to a GREAT cause and you get to remain warm and dry... Win-win! 

Click here for my fundraising page

Thanks in advance for being awesome :)


Monday, February 23, 2015

Super Satur-date

One of the many super way fun things about dating Max 
is that he is always up for an adventure. And since we'd both
caught a case of cabin fever with the recent bitter cold, we set
out to take advantage of the Windy City despite the weather.

Lunch on Michigan Avenue... Check

Hot Tub Time Machine 2... Check
(hey, if you can't be on vacation, ya might as well hang out in a warm movie theater, have a couple beers, and laugh at life for a couple hours. HTTM2 was actually really funny!)

Ice Skating at the Ribbon... Check

Exploring the slides at Maggie Daily Park... Check

Hot chocolate in Millennium Park... Check

Dinner, bowling, and a bone-fire after all the above?

I don't know if Max does all this because he's unfortunately become accustomed to my over-scheduled life, but I'm entirely grateful for his patience and kindness :)

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Stella's 1st IMAX

One of the best perks of working for a non-profit (in addition to believing in the mission of your organization), is that you are often invited to support the brilliant work of other conservation initiatives. 

In turn, Stella got to see her very first movie for free thanks to National Geographic and the effort to save pandas in the wild. 

Stella kept the 3D glasses on for 30 whole minutes! 

...Only half the time they we're on upside down or in her mouth ;) Once she saw that everyone was wearing them, she was psyched about her new accessory :)

Successful outing for all ages. 
Can't wait for the next!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Pay it forward

Walked home from work the other day to find that an anonymously awesome human shoveled my steps! 
smile emotico

Brought the BIGGEST smile to my face :)

There really is good in the world.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Happy President's Day

Zoo Camp was a super success!
Not only were we featured on ABC 7 news, but the kiddos made me this masterpiece that will have me smiling for weeks to come :) 

"Ape-braham Lincoln" by the 3rd grade camp group (aka: the Bats)


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Wine Not?!

Took a fancy French wine tasting class...

Had a blast...

Over-served myself and...
now the Wine Director for the Lettuce Entertain You restaurant group has some "kid" art to put up in his office :)