Wednesday, November 23, 2011



Last night I had the honor to be a guest speaker 
at a Medill graduate journalism class 
to talk about recent "Insights, Discoveries & Developments" 
within the social media market research 
and tech-start-up environments. 
{insert deep breath here}

All was going really well, 
the class seemed super into the presentation, 
peeps were asking great questions, 
and out of absolutely no where, 
I burped!

Like, the loud kind. 
Completely totally unexpected.
Surprised the shit out of me, kind. 
And I couldn't stop laughing.
The class must have been like,
"Who is this crass woman?!?!"

But thankfully they all laughed too,
so I was able to make a joke of it and move on. 
But I still can't believe it happened. 
I never burp!! 
So whhhyyyy did one sneak up on me like that 
in front of all those crazy smart people?!?

Note to self: 
Do not chug a Diet Coke to help caffeinate prior to presenting. You are an idiot for thinking this would "enhance" performance.  Next time, oh wait, there likely will not be a "next time"... Hahahaha

Monday, November 21, 2011

Weekend Highlights

Day drinking while watching
Michigan womp on Nebraska

 Watching Livie show-off her new "hiding" spot :)

Catching up with Jess and hearing all the latest 
ha!lariousness that little Miss Harper brings to life :)

The smile on 'Drea's face from this perfect Kodak Moment 
 that April sent us from Disney World :)

Receiving these two pieces of digital awesomeness 
as "Scorin' Soren"
and baby Christian 
"prepared" for Da Bears game. 
Cracking up at how positively edible Stella is:
Seeing Camille's first "teeths" come in!
And last but not least, 
attending Connor's 1st birthday party and 
living vicariously through his very first 
"cupcake experience" 

Although I'm admittedly no where near ready 
for the responsibility of a child 
(or a dog for that matter), 
I absolutely ADORE my little friends 
and the wonderful people in my life 
who created them :)
To my besties with babes, 
please keep the picture texts coming. 
I love getting them!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Weekend Warrior

Walter will be staying with me for the wknd 
while his parents are outta town. 

Excited to test out this whole "dog owner" idea...
Should a success ensue, 
then this might too :)
Fingers crossed

This Month's Reads

Work Book Club

Mother/Daughter Book Club
No Club -- Just Awesome

Easily Influenced

Heading home from work tonight 
I'd no clue what I wanted for dinner 
(all I knew is that I really had to pee). 
So after running up to my apartment,
 grabbing the mail, 
and inadvertently seeing this slice of heaven
on a penny-mailer for Giordano's pizza...

They got me.
There was no resisting the call.
Exactly 40 minutes later scrumptious deep dish 'za arrived 
aaaaand, I remain a firm believer in all-things Advertising.

Note to self: 
Do NOT open the Anthropologie catalog 


Tuesday, November 15, 2011


With the snow steadily sneaking-up upon us, 
I'm on a mission to keep my calendar filled with
yummy spots to try each and every Winter week
(so not to completely succumb 
to the temptation to hibernate ;)
First stop: 
1023 W. Lake Street 
As in vera awesome atmosphere

and even more so,
 vera amazing food :)

It's off the beaten path a bit
but the parking is plentiful and
the menu will surely not disappoint!
Next week's stop:

Stay tuned

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Answer This!

We went to see the premier of  "Answer This!
and although the movie was just above average,
the footage of Ann Arbor and Michigan's campus
were truly awesome to see on the big screen :)

One thumbs up goes to...


Super fun dinner party...

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Friendsgiving Dinner

Tonight I'm having my co-workers over for a team din
and may have gotten a little excited with the decor ;)

Is it 7pm yet?!?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


So I may have rented the movie recently and
admittedly find myself completely enamored 
with the utter brilliance of A.A Milne.
Talk about a beautiful mind.


The Relationship Status Update by Lab42

Monday, November 7, 2011

Helloooo from Orlando

Lab42 is making its first appearance at the Market Research Event this year so work-life has brought us to Florida for a few :)
The insights team from Sesame Street presented earlier today and I admittedly had to hold it together not to totally geek out when speaking with them after.  If they only knew... 


$14.99 an issue is crazy steep, 
but I couldn't resist...

If you too are a sucker for eclectic, kitschy, random, unique, intriguing, fabulous ways to make any space perfectly awesome for a dinner party, then you're gonna wanna hand over your pretty pennies to this publication. 


Chicago Q

When Brendan, my childhood bestie, 
texted to ask if I wanted to try Q
I couldn't type back fast enough!

I'd been dying to try this urban bbQ gem 
and it most definitely did not disappoint. 
The food is spectacular but the atmosphere 
takes the cake (no pun intended). 

I dream of the day I can afford to host a dinner party here 
for no apparent reason whatsoever :)

   {insert longing sigh noise here}



Last week I had dinner with my family at Abruzzo's 
Italian restaurant out in Melrose Park and holy hot damn, 
can that family cook!

I'm still dreaming about the homemade cavatelli, eggplant parm, grilled calamari, and sausage stuffed peppers... 

{insert food coma here}

Definitely worth the visit :)