Thursday, February 23, 2012


Where has a month gone???

On my "to do" list is an arm's length of posts.
Here are a "few" that are soon to follow:

- My "new" 1999 automobile
- Honoring my Grandma Stella's 94th birthday
- West Loop spots I now absolutely l.o.v.e
- On the topic of love, my thoughts on Valentines Day
- On the topic of holidays, my trip to San Diego :)
- On the topic of Hall-idays: Leap Year! 
and how I fully plan to celebrate
- Michigan/Northwestern basketball awesomeness
- More restaurants and Chicago restaurant week..YUMMM
- Kelly's Green Cleaning and 
my newfound obsession with lavender
- The movie "The Vow" and how it messed with my head
- Remote control flying sharks 
and how my co-workers crack me up :)
- Redecorating & Pinterest: 
a.k.a, why I shouldn't quit my day-job
- My latest "life-plan" to open up a B&B in Chicago
- Sleds, saucers, and a phone call from Chase bank...
- Dating, dudes, and the many "don'ts" 
I've learned in 2012 (thus far)
- Mudbound and other incredible reads my mind
has recently devoured
- Threeee new babes born in my besties lives! 

Goes without saying, 
I'm super thankful for all the above as I
haven't even had a millisecond to think about my
usual Winter plot to vortex myself to BoraBora. 
So far so good here in the Windy City 
(but if you were at all curious,
 there are 40 days left until Spring -- 
not that I'm anxiously counting or anything ;)

~30 posts to follow to make up for 
the month I've neglected the Z-Do-Da...
sorry buddy :S

Stay tuned!