Friday, October 30, 2009


Lots of peeps have asked
if we're hosting a Halloweenie bash again this year.
Sadly, the answer is "no" :(
The thing is, ya just can't re-create lightening!
I fear nothing could match up to the last.

But I'm sooo looking forward to
year #2 of the Tompkins Square Pet Parade tomorrow
and I will be out-and-about dressed as a gnome again :)
Plenty o' pix to follow!

In the meantime,
and I wish you a wonderful and
spooktacular Halloween wknd!


Pumpkins for Sale!
at the scariest price you've ever seen ...
I mean,
by any standards,
it's just an 'umpkin!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Tonight I was in the check-out line at DuaneReade and the woman in front of me frantically reached into her purse to make a call ...

Frantic Woman: Hunny! Thank God you answered. Are you home? Please be home! Oh thank God you're home! I think I left the oven on. Can you check? Thank you baby. Be home soon. (insert deep breath here)

She then turned to me and said,
"Isn't that just the worst feeling?"

I politely smiled :)

Yep, yep, yep. I stood there with that polite smile on my face because I realized (while standing in line with half-a-dozen microwavable meals in tow) that I have NO clue what that feeling is like ... Admittedly, I have never used my oven :(

Alyssa made breakfast ...

and I reeked the benefits :)

Introducing the Baby Googly Eye Crew!

You may not be able to tell,
but they just came out with mini Googly Eyes :)
I can't wait to spot more!

Thursday, October 22, 2009


1st St bwtn 1st & 2nd Ave, 8:30 pm

"But For Now We Are Young"

I think this is a beautiful tattoo,
if only I had the gutz to do it myself!

Although this may come as a surprise,
Tattoo free = me

Adventure. Hope. Love :)

After months in the waiting, I had the absolute pleasure
to see "Where the Wild Things Are"
finally :)

I went alone because I didn't really know how I'd react to
the sheer awesomeness of Spike Jones' brilliance.
I mean, I knew I'd laugh.
And I knew I'd contagiously smile.
But for some reason, I knew I'd cry my eyes out
which I totally did)

Confession: I don't cry very often so when I do, my eyes swell-up as if they're deathly allergic to tears. It's incredibly unattractive (therefore making me never want to cry, like ever)

Aaaaand I digress, per usual …

In an interview with New York magazine, Spike Jones said he had one goal in mind, "To create a movie that captured what it was like to be 9 again." And holy hell, did he ever!

Tonight I sat in the theatre and vividly remembered every single page of my Simba & Nala diary from the year I was 9 … the diary that slept soundly under my pillow (while its key was kept safe in my sock drawer).

For me, the age of 9 consisted of Miss Barnett's 4th grade class and countless games of 4-Square at recess. For me it was coming home to my Grandma Stella after school, knowing without fail she would have chicken-rice soup ready and waiting :)

It was the year I got my first Polaroid camera.
Received my first score of "8.0" in a gymnastics meet.
Went to my first
New Kids on the Block concert .
The year I had my first crush on a boy ... His name was Todd Hicks and I "loved" him even more than
Fluff. Admittedly, I even faked an arm injury in order to wear a sling to school that October so Todd would feel sorry for me (and therefore ask me to be his date to the Pumpkin Festival,

Oh what it was like to be 9!

Despite the fact that I watched Drop Dead Fred religiously,
I wanted to save the world (and all the manatees within it).
I was destined to be a marine biologist.

I desperately wanted my molars to fall out (
so that I'd have all my "adult" teeth)

I wanted my mom and dad to say goodnight to Stephen and Jamie before me so that one of them would stay longer and scratch my back, uninterruptedly ;)

When I was 9, my brother was 12 and my sister was 15.

I used to pay Stephen my weekly allowance to sleep under his desk when Billy, Jack & Justin would stay the night at our house.
They talked about Michael Jordan and sports stats,
never once about girls.
I wanted my money back!

Jamers had her learners permit to drive a car.
There could have been nothing cooler in my mind.
I dreamed of the day she would be able to take me to Corelee Candies
... Just the two of us!

When I was nine we got Bo & Bradey :)

Stephen named the boy dog "Bo" after Bo Jackson (clearly) and I named the girl dog "Bradey" after the guy my sister had a massive crush on. His name was Brady Zerland and he was 16. He drove a yellow Slug Bug convertible and made my feelings for Todd Hicks seem pale in comparison. I loved him more than the Cosby Show. (Note: I however, spelled the dog's name as Bradey with an "e-y" because that's how my name is spelled and therefore I'm partial)

Sitting in the theatre I remembered being 9 as if it weren't even close to being 20 years ago.

I remembered what it felt like to experience anger like no other. The overwhelming feeling when I'd come home to find Jamie's friends sitting on my bed, reading my journal and laughing aloud. I thought I just might spontaneously combust. Or better yet, that they would! ("Hot face" would be a raging understatement)

I vividly remembered reading "Kid News" every Friday in Language Arts class and asking Miss Barnett if I could be excused to use the bathroom. But really, I would run down the hallway to call the Lincoln Park Zoo from the 25 cent pay phone. As the President of the "Animal Friends Association", I needed to know what new endangered species were available to adopt that week.
I was a huge dork.
Repeat: a huuuge dork
(who wanted nothing more in life than a Wooly Monkey)

Sooo, yaaa ....
To say the least, Spike Jones captured what it was like to be 9 again on-screen and evoked you to feel it off-screen as well.

In my opinion,
he "let the wild rumpus start!"
and for me it never stopped :)

The film is spot on.
Even if the message is simply to remind the masses that in all of us,
there is Adventure.
There is Hope.
And there is Love :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Homie the Gnomie!

A few of my gnommies from home came to visit over the wknd
Pix to share as soon as I get my act together to download them :)

Chik, Sven, & Gina (and "Homie the Gnomie")
Thank you SO much again for coming!!


Monday, October 19, 2009

Whoa ... Bad Blogger = Me!

Mr. Z Do Da and I took a lil' Fall break ...
but we're getting back together this week for sure :)

More to follow manana!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Redefining "Pent House"

I walked to the East Village to grab coffee, per usual.
However this time, when crossing Ave A at 10th St,
I noticed something that somehow/somewhy
had never caught my eye before ...

Do you see what I see?!

Does that person have a roost on their roof?!?


In 7th grade I started taking Spanish and
learned that the word for rooster is "gallo"
I also learned that apparently, en Espanol,
a rooster does not go, "cock-a-doodle-do!"
but rather says, "ki-kiri-ki!"
To this day, I think Spanish speaking roosters
are infinitely cooler than English speaking ones ;)


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Flutter Flutter ...

Last night Melissa Hall and I met for a late dinner after work.
And since it's still remotely warm out,
we sat outside at a table in front, only to look right
to see Josh Harnett and his girlfriend
smokin' cigs on the sidewalk directly next us!

I'm not usually one to get totally star struck,
but when Josh Hartnett was filming "Wicker Park"
when I was living in Chicago in 2004,
I very much hoped we would run away together
to make
multiple squinty-eyed babes
and live happily ever after :)
Just saying...

But for real though,
it wasn't so much Josh that I was baffled by;
what was totally shocking to me
was how skinny his model girlfriend was!
I mean seriously,
we're talking hides-behind-lamposts-skinny.
Liiiiiike, made-her-cigarette-look-fat type skinny.
(Josh Hartnett & Sophie Lie in NYC last month)

After they walked into the bar
I fully enjoyed every bite of my dinner,
thanking my every lucky star
that it's not my profession to look good ;)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Welcome to the world, Deacon!!!

This wknd the world was made better when it welcomed
Deacon Rogue Carothers :)
8 lbs 9oz, 20 inches long

Mom, Dad & Baby are all doing great!!

I can't wait to meet your little bundle of awesomeness :)

So maybe I'm a little "off" ;)

A bestie from home asked how my weekend was,
after which I sent her a link to lots o' pix and replied:
"Was great! We went up to the Poconos for Shana's bday :)
Was crazy tired though, life finally caught up to me.
Felt badly that I was a lil' more calm than usual but
everyone else definitely brought their A-game. Super fun!"

She compiled the following and replied:
"Just outta curiosity...
In your mind, is this honestly how you would
define 'calm' ??"

I really am working on it ;)
Baby steps!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Bust :(

"It's not just the American dream that is the Olympic spirit;
it's the essence of the Olympic spirit,
and that's why we see so much of ourselves in these Games"
Obama said.
"That's why we want them in Chicago,
that's why we want them in America.
Chicago would make the International Olympic Committee proud."

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy October 1st :)

Woah it's totally Fall!

Before I go to drop off my monthly treasure chest
aka Rent
to Manny-the-Pirate
aka My landlord
Just thought I'd share this lil' video clip from Paris
because it makes me smile
and hopefully it will do the same for you :)

PS: You're not crazy, it's definitely sideways
Video-taking is not so much my strong suit...
Just tilt your head ;)

Ok, so maybe ya had to be there ;)

Hopefully these will help do the trick!

Eiffle Tower by Day ...

... Eiffle Tower by Night :)