Thursday, January 31, 2008

Zoo York City ... Here I Come!

Alyssa worked her Macedonian-magic today with our new Persian landlord (Manny) and we've officially been approved as the new tenants of Clinton St, Apartment 5A :)


Here's what I got from our quick convo after she walked out:

Manny: Now this second girl you are living with, this Stacey. Does she actually sell peanuts?

Alyssa: No, but she's expressed concern that her clients are going to be nutty!

Manny: You are so funny, Alyssa! Let's do this. I will draw the lease up. Then you pay me lots of monies. (just kidding, he didn't really say the $ line)

Stacey: Way to go! This is awesome! Where is alleged Clinton St?

Alyssa: The Lower East Side. Roughly at the corner of Houston & Clinton.

Stacey: Do we have a rooftop deck?!?

Alyssa: No. Stop being a jack ass ;)

Stacey: Do we have a dishwasher?!?

Alyssa: No. Stop asking dumb questions ;)

Stacey: Is there an elevator?

Alyssa: Yes.

Stacey: Seriously? Or are you just joking?

Alyssa: Serious.

Stacey: What does it look like?

Alyssa: You walk in and there is one main room. Small kitchen. One bathroom. One bedroom. The living room is big enough to dance around in. We could get a chaise lounge, that would look nice!

Stacey: Whatever that is, I'm sure will look nice :)

Alyssa: Hahahaha ... shut up! Then you go upstairs...

Stacey: We have an upstairs?!? Seriously? Or are you just joking?

Alyssa: Serious. The second bedroom and bathroom are upstairs. AND...

Stacey: STOP! We can't afford this place! There can't be more! We can't afford any more! Don't make me take a side job actually selling peanuts!!

Alyssa: The second bedroom has a patio that runs the width of the whole apartment!

Stacey: WHAT?!?! Like we could get a hammock?!?! Or put up a tent?!?!

Alyssa: I'm hanging up on you now ;)

Stacey: Hahahaha! At least tell me how much it costs first.

Alyssa: It's only $1650 each!!!

Stacey: Sorry, I thought you just said the word only and then followed it by the number 1650.

Alyssa: But it includes water!

Stacey: Gee, thanks Manny! Thanks for throwin in a little H20. Much appreciated. IS IT EVIAN?!?! Please tell me I will be drinking and showering in Brita for that price.

Alyssa: Ha! I'm really hanging up now ... have to go to class ... mail me a check for your entire life savings asap. (just kidding, she didn't really say the life-savings line)