Thursday, November 13, 2008

Is Today Christmas?? I Must've Missed the Memo

"When it rains it pours"

"Things will eb and flow"
"Life tends to happen in threes"

Call it what you will,
but today felt like Christmas came early :)

1) First I got this fruit-fun-awesomeness as a thanks from a client
GO PEANUT LABS! Please keep growing so I can stay employed! ;)

2) Immediately after, I got a call from Jess (waaait for it)
asking me to stand up in her wedding!! :)
I felt so honored and happy that I screamed, "Yes!"
as if she were proposing to me ... Hahaha, not so much ;)

Helllloooooo Wedding Season 2009 ... Let the games begin!

3) Last but not least (remember, this is all within the same HOUR!)
Regan surprised me with possibly the coolest gift on the planet:

Meet "Blue" ... I LOVE HIM!

If you're asking, "Are you serious?!?!?" or "Is that for real?!?"
Have no fear, I shouted the same rhetorical rhetoric myself.
He is indeed real and traveled all the way from Chi-town to be with me! We are totally going to live happily ever after ;)

Holy hell, I can't sleep for so many reasons right now:

1) At dinner tonight one of my friends talked about how she's sleeping with a guy who's not circumcized. I cannot help but to google this shit for visual reference ... the conversation was too funny not to inquire further. Besides, let's face it, I have the type of brain that only rests when little is left to the imagination.

2) After much talk of the aforementioned male anatomy, we discovered a super falic googly goog and jumped at the Kodak Moment. (Please note: no one in this photo is the sex offender mentioned in #1. She remains anonymous as requested).

3) This guy I was super into in September texted me tonight after a two month hiatus claiming he was in "techno-detox" ...
Ummmm, for real?!?
Repeat: For real?? Who says that?!!?!

Looks like it's time to count sheep ;)


van said...

you may've dodged a bullet there with mr. techno detox. just a guess.

Anonymous said...

I made it!!! TWO TIMES AND COUNTING!!! Love you dearly!!